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The behaviors you choose will impact your attitude

At Fat Atom my title is Director of Business Development which is a long name for Sales Rep. I have been in some sort of sales role since the beginning of time.  Or at least since I graduated from college. Most of the companies that I have been part of have been large corporate companies who have provided me with many sales trainings and product knowledge courses taught by the gurus of the time.  I learned and read content from the best.  So when Todd (the owner of Fat Atom and my boss) said we were going to start a sales training program, my thought was “OK, I am sure that I can learn something.” You could say that I am sort of a “geek” when it comes to sales training and motivational techniques.  I like them.

It is Monday morning and time for our first sales training session.  I am charged with getting Isaac and Kyle to class, as they are not as used to such early morning activities.  I think I actually got on their nerves a little since I was so wide eyed and excited about our class.  Class went well; I can’t say that I was learning a lot of new information right away but I was remembering the basics.  It is easy to lose sight of the basics.  It was around the third week of class when I heard something that sunk in.  We were talking about attitudes, behaviors and techniques. 

You behavior really does affect your attitude!

It was said that your behaviors can control your attitude.  Even though I am Director of Business Development for Fat Atom, I am still out there cold calling potential prospects.  I know that I have to make numerous calls in order for one of my calls to turn into someone wanting to take the next step, but some days I am not in the “mood” to make calls.  I understand it can be a major interruption in someone’s day when they pick up my call, and they let me know that, too.  Call me stupid or naïve as a sales person but seriously, Fat Atom could really help any of the companies whom I call.  It is unfortunate that many of the people I call don’t see this but I realize we can’t help those that don’t want help.  So, I still have to make my calls. 

I also know that I have a choice to make calls or not make calls. I realize that if I don’t make the calls I won’t get the very cold response, “No, thanks we are good to go with our marketing.”  At the same time I feel horrible not making the calls because I feel I have let my team down.  I know that once I start making the calls I feel so good and one call leads to another, even though sometimes I sound like a blubbering idiot on the phone, occasionally there is a match. 

I have learned from the Sandler Sales Training recently that behaviors can control your attitude and I have found that is so true and it relates to many other things besides just my sales calls. I use it in my everyday life.  Because I am a working mom I feel best when I am able to get my workout done early in the morning.  If I can control my behaviors to get up and go my attitude is so positive it can carry me through the day. But I have the choice to choose not to wake up and get that extra hour of sleep.  I won’t feel as good, but I have that choice.

I also know that if I can control my eating behaviors I feel amazingly healthy, and again my attitude is positive and carries into the next day.  It seems so simple and refreshing to know that I have the power to choose my behaviors.  I can choose to not allow someone that is too busy to take my call seriously to affect me; after all, as my Sandler trainers say, we are actually looking for companies that we can rule out.  At Fat Atom we are not trying to take over the world, we are choosing to stay small and strong, so we do have to pick our clients carefully.

But think about this:  The behaviors you choose will impact your attitude, which will impact how you act and the outcome of your day, week, years, etc…

The good news is that I have learned a few more Ah Ha’s in my Sandler Sales Training that I will share in my upcoming blogs.

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