The number one quality we look for in any candidate is curiosity. There is always MORE to learn and our most successful interns and employees continually educate themselves.

Self Motivation

Working at Fat Atom can be as awesome as YOU make it. We work as one big team, so you are encouraged to bring your own ideas to the table and learn about aspects of marketing beyond your own specialties.


Whether it’s web dev, writing, designing, marketing, photography, or illustration, you LOVE what you do. You can’t imagine life without it. You think about it after the workday is over. You critique billboards while you’re driving and notice the typography on restaurant menus. You scour the internet at 3am for new CSS tricks and cry when you think about how many people still use Explorer 6 as their browser. You blog regularly because you’ve got a lot to say. Your sketchbook is your best friend and goes with you everywhere. You understand why a beautiful photo is more than an Instagram filter. You know that marketing is more than a brochure or a press release.

Sound Like Your Kind of Place?