Sherpa Insight

Million Dollar Sales Funnel

To some, a million-dollar sales funnel may seem small, but to a five-man shop with lagging sales, achieving a million-dollar pipeline in 90 days was game changing.

Having only one salesperson, Sherpa found it challenging to consistently prospect for new leads. This lack of activity led to a thin sales funnel and, consequently, lagging sales. Bill Karwoski, the President of Sherpa Insight, wanted to grow his business and knew that his existing sales process wasn’t working to accomplish that. He realized he needed outside help to grow his business and bring in qualified prospects without having to hire and manage additional salespeople. That’s when Bill met with Fat Atom.

The Results

After the first month

Began generating in-person sales meetings with prospects.

Over the next 2.5 months

quality leads

By the fourth month

quality calls per week


Created over $1M in new opportunities!

More opportunities in 90 days than in the previous year!

The Process

Fat Atom developed an in-depth analysis and strategic plan for Sherpa Insight to address how they should approach their brand, customers, advertising, marketing, and sales process. Based on that plan, Fat Atom provided lead generation, list management, and sales consulting.

Success doesn’t ever happen overnight, and the decision makers Sherpa was trying to reach were difficult to get a hold of. After one month, we had only generated 1 qualified lead. However, over the following 2.5 months, we generated 28 quality leads, which equaled over $1 million in potential revenue for Sherpa Insight.

"I have been blown away by the results. We have added over $1,000,000 in potential new business to our funnel in the past 90 days. We have received more opportunities in that time from Fat Atom than we have received in the last year and half on our own! The work that Fat Atom is doing for us has energized our company and infused excitement into each day with the possibility of adding new clients that aren’t even on our radar screen. They deliver incremental revenue."
// Bill Karwoski President/CEO, Sherpa Insight

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