Building a Superior Online Presence

How Fat Atom created a website for a complicated organization with a wide audience and hundreds of product offerings when no one else could.

Superior wanted a website that better reflected their brand, and the solutions they could offer to their customers. They had reached out to Fat Atom once before, but chose to go with another provider who offered a faster project timeline. After not feeling satisfied with the process or work of the other provider, Superior came back to Fat Atom, ready to give our Blueprint process a shot.

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“I was pleased to see the interviews and interaction through the blueprint process. I wondered how Fat Atom could possibly get to know us to the depth necessary to understand our needs. The blueprint proved that you accomplished that. We came away feeling as though you ‘got us’.”
// Kurt Hettinga, President

The Results

Live in 7 months

The new site launched approximately 7 months after the Blueprint process began.

Easy to use and update

Superior now has a mobile-responsive website they are proud of that speaks to their audiences.

Representative of company

The site positions Superior as a source for value-added solutions and problem solving.

The Process

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